Smudger was a narrow gauge tank engine.


According to Duke, Smudger was a showoff who rode roughly and often came off the rails. Duke tried to warn him to be careful, but Smudger never listened to his advice. He was finally punished by being turned into a generator and being put behind the engine shed.

No information was given about his fate once the Mid Sodor Railway closed, so it must be assumed that he has either remained there or was scrapped.


Smudger was a complete showoff and often derailed, but refused to listen to advice. Duke warned him to be careful, but he took no notice until he was put in his place by being turned into a generator.


Smudger is a Fletcher Jennings 0-4-0, recycled from Rheneas's model.


Smudger was painted dark green with black lining. His nameplate and number are both gold. His dome is rusty brown color. As he shared the same model as Rheneas, the inside of his cab is red. Despite being numbered on television, no toy or artwork has shown him with his number.


Voice ActorEdit

  • てつや いわさき (Japan)