Scruff "the Scruncher" is a boxy steam engine.


Scruff was brought to Sodor to work at Whiff's Waste Dump in 2010. He hates being cleaned and, when Thomas once tried to have him cleaned, he ran away and hid in a siding until he was coaxed out with the promise of being allowed to shunt rubbish trucks. He once had to go to the Sodor Steamworks to have his "scruncher" mended, and later that day, he helped Gordon tidy up the waste dump before the Inspector arrived.

Scruff once had to be repainted and he enjoyed his new look so much that he did not want to get dirty. He then went round the Island, looking for a new job, until Gordon reminded him that he was most useful at the rubbish dump with Whiff.


Scruff is based on no. 9369 "Musketeer", a Sentinel 100 HP "BE Type" chain-driven vertical-boiler industrial strength steam locomotive built in 1946 by Sentinel Waggon Works. This locomotive is currently on display at the Northamptonshire Ironstone Railway Trust.


Scruff is painted lime green with dark green hazard stripes. He has gold name plates with his name written on either side of his tanks.

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