• NWR Number: D2991
  • BR Number: D07991
  • Class: BR Class 07
  • Designer: Ruston & Hornsby
  • Builder: Ruston & Hornsby
  • Configuration: C
  • Line: Wellsworth-Brendam branchline
  • Build date: 1962
  • Arrived on Sodor: 1997
  • First Appearance: Salty's Secret

Salty is a crimson dockyard diesel who works at Brendam. He speaks with a West Country accent.


Salty worked on an unnamed coastal railway for many years, where he acquired his vast collection of stories and songs, before coming to Sodor to work at the Centre Island Quarry with Mavis, Bill and Ben. Salty was upset, being used to working near the sea, but he soon won the trucks over with his tales and sea shanties, and as a reward for his hard work was sent to work at Brendam Docks.

Salty has shared many stories with his fellow engines that have often come into play later on. He told Percy that the carpet he was delivering might be magic, and odd happenings convinced Percy and Gordon that it was. He also told a story about a treasure on Sodor, and Thomas followed all of Salty's clues and eventually found the treasure, just as the new Maritime Museum opened.


Salty is easygoing, friendly and very practical. He also enjoys telling stories revolving around the sea and fantasy. His seafaring ways and accent are sometimes ridiculed by the other engines, but his usefulness almost always helps the others overlook that. His friends are Edward, BoCo, and Porter.


Salty is based on a BR Class 07, designed by and built at Ruston and Hornby in 1962, approx. 26 ft 9 1/2 in. The number he has is a real number belonging to a member of the Class 07; said locomotive is at the preserved Kent and East Sussex Railway. This class of locomotives worked at Southampton docks, where they replaced the older Southern Railway USA Tanks.


Salty is painted crimson with pink warning stripes along his body, wasp stripes on his front and rear and yellow bufferbeams with signs of rust. At the top of his forehead, he has the rim of a skipper's hat.

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Keith Wickham (UK/US; Misty Island Rescue onwards)
  • なおき たつた (Japan; 第6-8シリーズ)
  • りゅぞう いしの (Japan; 第9シリーズ onwards)
  • Esteban Siller (Mexico)