There were two versions of the Mid Sodor Railway layout.

On the first there were six previously unnamed engines, Albert, Jerry, John, Jennings, Atlas, and Alfred (the Mines Engines).

On the second there were six previously unnamed, Albert, Jim, Tim, Jerry, Miney, and Franklin.


  • Number: MSR 5
  • Desinger: Henry Hughes
  • Builder: Falcon Works
  • Built: circa 1904
  • Configuration: 0-4-2ST, originally 0-6-0T
  • Stationed: Marthwaite
  • First Appearence: TBA

There were two engines named Albert on Awdry's Layout.

Basis Edit

The first version, was built from a Minitrains Baldwin modified into an 0-6-0. The second version was based on a Hughes Falcon locomotive in original Corris Railway condition, like Falcon.

Livery Edit

The newer version of Albert was painted sky blue with a black running board, and brass fittings. The original version's livery is unknown.


  • Number: MSR 6
  • Class: Kerr Stuart Skylark
  • Desinger: Kerr, Stuart & Co.
  • Builder: California Works
  • Built: sometime between circa 1900 and 1930, rebuilt 1927
  • Coniguration: 0-4-2T
  • Stationed: Ulfstead Road
  • First Appearence: TBA

Jim was built by Awdry from a Gem Vari-kit, similar to Tim.

Basis Edit

Jim is based on a Kerr Stuart Skylark class locomotive. A member of his class, ''Lukee'' , is preserved in Australia.

Livery Edit

Jim was painted green with a bronze dome and a black footplate. His name and number were painted in yellow on either side.


  • Number: MSR 7
  • Configuration: 0-4-0T
  • Stationed: Cas-ny-Hawin
  • First Appearence: TBA

Tim was built by Awdry is a geneneric tram locomotive, from a Gem Vary-kit.

Livery Edit

Tim was painted black with a brass dome.

Trivia Edit

In one of Awdry's scrapbooks, it is noted That Tim pulled passenger trains to Cas-ny-Hawin


  • Number: MSR 8
  • Designer: Andrew Barclay Sons & Co.
  • Builder: Caledonia Works
  • Built: circa 1919
  • Configuration: 0-6-0T
  • Stationed: Arlesdale Green
  • First Appearence: TBA

Jerry was built by Awdry from a Pecko kit.

Basis Edit

The Peco Janette kit Jerry's made from is a freelance design. However, the kit was based on the Andrew Barclay locomotive "Doll" . "Doll" and its older sister "Gertrude" are preserved.

Livery Edit

Jerry was painted green with a bronze dome and a black foodplate. His name and number were painted in yellow on either side.

Atlas and AlfredEdit

The Mines Engines
  • Numbers: MSR 9 and MSR 10
  • Class: Decauville Type 1
  • Builder: jouef Decauville
  • Built: circa 1899
  • Configuration: 0-4-0PT
  • Stationed: Bertram's Old Mine
  • First Appearence: TBA

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