Mighty Mac is a double-ended Fairlie locomotive. Mighty is the "older" of the 2, and is distinguished by a small flick of hair and a pointed nose. Mac is the "younger" half, and is distinguished by his youthful features, round nose and freckled cheeks.

Despite the opposing personalities of the 2 ends, they are technically 1 engine.


Mighty Mac was built in 1992. Prior to his adoption into the Skarloey Railway family, Mighty Mac had only worked in the shunting yards. Their lack of knowledge beyond their boundaries created much conflict between the 2 halves (for example, which end is in charge of doing what), which placed themselves and their passengers in great danger whilst running an important errand. But, with advice from Thomas in mind, they were able to complete their task and realise the value of working as one.


Mighty Mac is based on a Double Fairlie locomotive of the Ffestiniog Railway with added buffer beams with low set buffers and couplings.


Mighty Mac is painted royal blue with gold and orange lining.

Voice ActorEdit

  • Taketoshi Kawano (Japan)