• Class: LORC "Lively Polly" modified
  • Configuration: 0-4-0
  • Built date: 1899
  • Arrived on Sodor: 1914
  • Withdrawn: 1936
  • Restored: 1980
  • First Appearance: Thomas and the Magic Railroad

Lady is a small Victorian style steam engine who runs the Magic Railroad.


Lady was built in 1899 and loaned by the Kent and East Sussex Railway to the film. She was returned to the company after completion of the film and remained in service until 1941, when she was scrapped.

In 1977-80, Lady was chased and wrecked by Diesel 10 long ago and was brought to safety by Burnett Stone. She was brought back to life with the help of Burnett's granddaughter Lily after being stored at Muffle Mountain for years, and helped Thomas defeat Diesel 10.

She and Rusty later appeared in a dream to Thomas in 2005 . She told Thomas how to resolve the problems Sodor was facing.

From 2007 onwards, she is the special member of the Steam Team.


Lady is a beautiful, kindhearted, and friendly tank engine.

Lady is a very special engine who holds the secret to the Magic Railroad. When she moves along the rails, she spreads Gold Dust with her special powers. She has been known to help Thomas and his friends, when there is no one else to turn to.


Lady doesn't seem to be based on any real locomotive prototype, but it has been suggested that she bears some resemblance to a K&SER Northiam with the rear cab cut off and an enlarged chimney. She is also said to be based on "Lively Polly", owned by the Liverpool Overhead Railway Company.

Lady is based on an experimental Knapford Elsbridge Light Railway "Lady" Class 0-4-0 saddle tank. Lady is approx. 19 ft long.


Lady is painted red purple with gold head lamps on the front footplate, gold buffers, smoke box, dome and whistles, side rods, lining, and brass trimmed chimney and her name written in cursive on each side in gold. She is also painted black on her cab roof, lower funnel section and her footplate.

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Britt Allcroft (Thomas and the Magic Railroad)
  • まりな わたなべ (Japan; Thomas and the Magic Railroad)
  • みゆ まつき (Japan; Calling All Engines!)
  • Patrica Acevedo (Mexico)


  • When ERTL was making Lady, their prototype model was Rheneas' model repainted in Lady's livery. However, it was decided that the release model of Lady should look exactly like her.
  • Lady has couplings behind her, but none in front.
  • Lady has a loud whistle and is the same as Millie's whistle.
  • Lady's side tanks are curved at the end.
  • Coal bunkers have been placed on top of her side tanks for added coal storage.