Kudo is a narrow gauge tank engine.


Kudo was built to run the Eastern Transport Lines Tramway north of the Saenagi Valley, where he served a nearby town as well as nearby farms. His work decreased in later years due to the development of personal transportation, and with the outbreak of the Second Sino-Japanese War in 1937, the line was closed. The town was evacuated and Kudo, with nowhere to do, was locked away in a shed with the only coach on the tramway.

By 1954, much of the old town was gone and converted into a military base, where ammunition and wastes were stored. A military tank engine, Lewis, crashed into the old shed and found Kudo and his coach (now named Yume) in 1954, and brought them to the Lower Valley Railway, where the Little Controller arranged for them to be immediately put back into service.


Kudo is wise and refuses to dawdle when he works. While he's a warm and friendly engine, he prefers to work alone, or with his special tram coach Yume. The other engines have great respect for him, and often listen to his advice.


Kudo is based on the "Botchan Train", a special narrow gauge engine that once ran on Japan. It still exists on display, and the Iyo Railway has two diesel replicas and three replica coaches.


Kudo is painted purple with white stripes. In his younger years, he was painted an earthy green all over.