• Number: 27
  • original Number: 4101
  • Class: Dubs Crane shunter
  • Designer: Dubs
  • Builder: Dubs
  • Configuration: 0-4-0
  • Line: Tidmouth-Barrow-in-Furness mainline
  • Build date: 1901
  • Arrived on Sodor: 2001
  • First Appearance: No Sleep For Cranky

Harvey is a tank engine with a crane mounted on top of his boiler, which makes him look rather unusual. He speaks with a deep, booming, gruff voice and a South London accent. James didn't like him at first because "he's just Cranky on wheels" but after Percy's accident he now understands that he's really useful.


He arrived on Sodor in December 2001. The other engines except Thomas teased Harvey at first, but when he was able to rescue Percy after an accident they realized that his difference was what made him special. Since then, he has proved very useful, using his crane arm for maintenance, building and clearing up. He mainly works at Brendam and the yard, but his favourite place to be is at the Water Works.


Harvey is a kind, friendly and hard-working crane engine. He enjoys helping out when his friends are in distress.


Harvey is based on an industrial crane engine - Dubs Crane Engine No. 4101, first built in 1901.


With perhaps the most distinctive appearance of any engine, Harvey is painted burgundy with yellow line-work and brown square buffers. His name and the number "27" is written on both his sides in yellow, however the "27" is painted on his crane.

Voice ActorsEdit


  • Harvey's whistle is a mellow sort of whistle.