Flora is a yellow steam tram. She arrived in 1955 to help restore the Sodor Tramway.


Flora was new to the railway when Thomas first met her. Sir Topham Hatt told Thomas to introduce Flora to Toby, as she was to lead an engine parade with him. Thomas was worried that Toby would be upset that he wasn't the only steam tram any more, so Thomas tried to detour Flora until Toby left for Great Waterton. Flora ran out of coal near Toby's shed and Toby saw the bright yellow tram for the first time. To Thomas' surprise, Toby was delighted to see her! Thomas gave Flora his coal and she and Toby went to Great Waterton in time for the parade.


Flora is an attentive, friendly little steam tram. Her tram coach is her pride and joy. Her best friends are Mavis and Rosie.


Flora is based on a 1904 Moseley Road Tramway steam tram, rebuilt into standard gauge. Instead of buffers, she has three couplings upon her front and rear bufferbeam. She has 6 side windows, no fascia on her roof design, ornate smokestack and a 0-6-0 wheel arrangement.


Flora is painted bright yellow with green and white lining, red cowcatchers and sideplates and green boards on her roof reading "Sodor Tramways" and the number "46" on her sides.

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Blanche Ravalec (France and French speaking Canada)