Edward Mann is a narrow gauge tank engine.


Edward Mann was built at Saenagi Valley Railway Co. in 1905 based on a design of European narrow gauge engines. He was not only the first engine built on Keikan Island, but was also the first engine built for the Lower Valley Railway. He has since been used for main passenger and freight duties. He participated in the rescue of Morning Light, and worked with Takao to finish the new valley line.


Edward Mann is a wise and kind engine, and likes to help out wherever he can. However, he can become a tad bothersome when other engines think they know better. Edward Mann likes telling stories about the Island's early years, and was good friends with Takao.


Edward Mann is red with yellow and black stripes, and has gold name and number plates.


Edward Mann is a Hunslet 0-4-0ST, based on Thomas Bach of the Llanberis Lake Railway.