The Culdee Fell Railway is a Sudrian rack railway. It was first opened in 1896, but less than a month after the opening Godred derailed, causing one passenger fatality and so the line was closed for several years for further maintenance.

The line was first run by Godred, Ernest, Wilfred, Culdee and Shane Dooiney. 3 engines - Lord Harry, Alaric and Eric - were later purchased. The latter 2 are currently out of service and awaiting an overhaul. The railway is run by Mr. Walter Richards.


Starting from the station at Kirk Machan, the line climbs up to the summit, calling at Shiloh, Skarloey Road, "Devil's Back", and Culdee Fell, the summit of the line. The line is open from Easter to Christmas, with winter being when repairs are made to the line.


  • Due to the stringent safety precautions and limited traffic of a mountain railway, this railway has only been featured in 1 Railway Series book.
  • The line was inspired by the famous Snowdon Mountain Railway, home to the real-life counterparts of this railway's engines. Gunvor and Peter Edwards went here to gain inspiration for the pictures.