Candy is a narrow gauge vertical boiler engine.


Candy, along with her twin brother Tyler, was built at Saenagi Valley Railway Co. in 1921 to assist with new slate mine operations. When the mine was purchased by the Lower Valley Railway in 1925, Tyler became No. 2 and Candy became No. 3. After Tyler was sent away to help the Mainland during World War II, Candy was able to manage with Edward Mann until Smudger's arrival. Candy has since been used for many different odd jobs, though in recent years, she's been relegated to lighter work.


Despite being the weakest of the Lower Valley Railway engines, Candy is a very tough engine who won't stand for nonsense or excuses. She can be very quiet and sentimental, however, especially when it comes to remembering her brother.

She's become good friends with Smudger ever since he helped keep the railway going until he nearly fell apart, earning her respect. She has immense hatred toward Lewis, who once derailed her, nearly causing her destruction during the Harbor Fire.


Candy is based on the De Winton & Co. style of narrow gauge vertical boiler locomotives.


Candy is painted yellow with red stripes and red side-rods, and she carries red name and number plates.