Billy is an orange tank engine with prominent buck teeth.


Billy was built in 1903 with a weather board, and later with a full cab. From the years 1903 to 1972 he worked at a colliery in Leeds before being arranged to go to the North Western Railway in December 2001. However, he was in a bad state and was in need of an overhaul, so he was given a new boiler and saddle tank. He was eventually shipped to the island in June 2007.

When Billy first arrived on the railway, Thomas was asked by The Fat Controller to show Billy around. But Billy misconstrued Thomas' advice for bossiness and so refused to listen to him, causing Billy to fail to complete his deliveries. At last, Thomas lost patience and told Billy to do his own thing. Billy was delighted, but his happiness was short lived as he swiftly ran out of coal and water. In future, Billy paid attention to advice and worked hard with every job he did.


Because of Billy's inexperience, he was disobedient and refused to listen to advice. After his mishap, he learnt to listen to advice.


Billy is based on a Manning Wardle L Class 0-6-0ST. Charlie is another member of this class.


Billy is painted orange with green and white lining and the number "32" painted on his cab side.

Voice ActorEdit

  • ゆきと そま (Japan)