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  • Number: 22
  • original Numbers: 32165 and 41241
  • Primary function: Branchline work
  • Line: Knapford Junction to Ffarquhar branchline
  • Designer: HG Ivatt
  • Builder: Crewe Works
  • Build date: May 1913
  • Configuration: 2-6-2T
  • Length: 30 ft 1 in
  • Weight: 52 tons
  • Maximum Speed: 30 mph
  • Arrived on Sodor: May 2003
  • Withdrawn: September 30, 1962
  • Frst AppearenceThe Spotless Record
    Arthur Ivatt is a tank engine from the LMS.


    After arriving on Sodor in 2003, Arthur took great pride in his spotless record, which he soon lost after colliding with Duck's trucks in an incident largely provoked by Thomas; however, this spotless record was soon amended, after Thomas apologized to him for causing the accident.

    He was bought to shunt and pull goods, but then was transferred to the coastal run, on which he enjoys working. He is responsible for this line, which is famous for its fish. Arthur is the only known engine to enjoy the smell of fish.


    Arthur is a reliable, kind and helpful engine, and often careful to get his jobs done without fuss or mess. When he first arrived he proved to be somewhat gullible - something which Thomas used to his advantage. He dislikes things that are new and different.


    Arthur is based on an LMS Ivatt Class 2MT 2-6-2 tank engine, approx. 38 ft 9 1/2 in long, developed for the London Midland and Scottish Railway (hence the initials on his tanks).


    Arthur is painted LMS burgundy with gold boiler bands, yellow lining and "LMS" on his side in yellow. His livery is inauthentic: if Arthur had been one of the ten 2MT 2-6-2Ts built for the LMS, he would have been painted postwar black with "LMS" written on his tank.

    Voice ActorsEdit

    • Nathan Clarke (UK/US; coming soon)
    • やすひろ たかと (Japan; 第7-8シリーズ)
    • しにちろ みき (Japan; 第11シリーズ onwards)
    • Alejandro Illescas


    • Arthur's whistle sounds sort of like a tugboat or a narrow gauge whistle.